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Introducing Ogden Heart, an Americana group tinged with roots in bluegrass, gospel and  traditional country. Centered around the talents of sister and brother duo Isabel and Evans  Humphreys and their mom, Americana songwriter and recording artist Kathryn Caine. Their unmatched harmony is close and tight, high and lonesome, honed to perfection in both the sanctuaries and in the bawdy music halls that litter the rural south. With an unbelievably stunning and  powerful voice, Isabel sings lead vocal. In addition to music, she is an award winning visual artist and writer and a founding member of The NC State Bluegrass Club. Evans sings harmony and is an astounding virtuoso stand up and electric bass player.  He is also a founding member of the NC State Bluegrass club and a Goodnight Scholar. Mom, Kathryn Caine earned critical acclaim and national success with her original albums ​Whiteville​, ​Down Home Girl ​and When I Was His Wife. ​She has passed down her love for traditional singing and songwriting to Isabel and Evans as they have shared the stage with her since they were born. Ogden Heart's self titled new release captures the magic of Isabels vocal talents, especially on the song she penned, Backwoods Sound. This song is about the magic of bluegrass as she correlates the magic of the music to "the Mona Lisa on a dirt Road".  Other songs include, Silver Dagger, original song The Whiskey Song, Bill Monroe's 'The One I Love Is Gone",  Tome Paxton's "The Last Thing on my mind" and the great Mike Nesmith's "Nine Times Blue". there is also the gospel tinged 'Crossing' by Roger Miller, "Border Song"by Elston John and the original song by Kathryn Caine, "The Bye and Bye" The lineup of musicians on the full length release are top notch Gold. Rusty Speidel (Speidel ,Goodrich and Goggins) on guitars, Andy Thacker(Love Canon) on Mandolin, Kathryn Caine on acoustic and piano, John Lee on Banjo and James McLaughlin on drums. Ogden Heart captures the beauty, magic, and mystery of Americana bluegrass music with brilliant guitar and mandolin licks, haunting  and driving banjo, tight harmonies, with a rhythm section to die for. Ogden Heart was recorded, mixed and engineered by James McLaughlin at Mountainside Studio in Charlottesville, Va. It was produced by Kathryn Caine and James McLaughlin. 

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