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Left a note featured as the Video Share Of the day at WOS RADIO!

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The Family Band. Centered around the talents of sister and brother Isabel (17) and Evans (15) Humphreys and their mom, Americana  Artist Kathryn Caine. Rogue Chapel was recorded in 16 hours at Echo Mountain Studios. The 5 song EP transports the listener to the southern rural gospel train where these three have honed their skills in church and on the stage. Rogue chapel is basically a spiritual cd with the exception of Left A Note , which is about unrequited love, hence the title "Rogue". The EP opens with the incredible song "The Way" written by Americana Artist Holly Renee Allen. The song is about the journey of life and the strength of hope and faith."The Way" sets a tone of haunting , soul stirring music that takes the listener on a spiritual journey. The opening of Evans's bass line and Isabel's flute on the family band's original song "Left a Note" really sets the stage for a pure folk sound and the silkiness of Isabels's voice with Kathryn's echo is reminiscent of the sirens as well as the great folk bands of the 60's and 70's."Over Me" written by the iconic Lone Justice singer Maria Mckee and Patrick Sugg is a joyous and uplifting tune about the power of music.With Evans on both bass and french horn combined with Isabel's flute and the family's angelic harmonies, this song brings to mind the eerie ,spiritual and ghostly etchings of Gustave Dore. This is a stand out tune. The family Band are huge fans of Elvis and the song "Let Us Pray" by Buddy Kaye and Ben Weisman, pays homage to his legacy , the movie "A Change of Habit" and Evans's outstanding bass playing.This is a raise the roof foot stomper for sure! Finally the EP closes with "Begin" written by the family band. This is a song about redemption and the hope in starting over. This is the perfect song to close out with as the harmonies envelope the listener and lead them back to track one to listen again and again to this outstanding EP.

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